2989 Commits (master)

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  inmarket 97511a9fc7 Ensure correct window titles on unicode compiles on Windows 3 years ago
  inmarket 9b73187100 Add compatibility with Visual Studio and make compile warning capabilities more cross platform 3 years ago
  inmarket e5497f2ac0 Add support for .S files to the gcc make system 3 years ago
  inmarket 10f4d9f860 Updates to the ChibiOS Git version makefile 3 years ago
  inmarket d6c31f404b Add a demo for GFILE 3 years ago
  inmarket 8561671cb8 Upgrade to from FATFS-0.10b to FATFS-0.13 3 years ago
  inmarket 5c84885995 Improve handling of streaming drivers with a setpos and a fillarea acceleration 3 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann e6721f70a0 Updating changelog 3 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 64a8f8dde1 Fixing clipping issue with gdispGDrawString() 3 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann d581b08bcf Merge branch 'master' of git.ugfx.io:uGFX/uGFX 3 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 4d06ef9145 Adding RA6963 driver 3 years ago
  U-INSANEENGINEER\joel 86d8fc35c1 Adding RA6963 driver 3 years ago
  inmarket 09402b6bde KS0108 multi-chip driver thanks to doc_rob. 3 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 01fd5f3c90 Updating changelog 3 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann b682e48631 Whitespaces 3 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 67ed0c1f5a Changing syncflag type from uint8_t to uint32_t in STM32LTDC driver 3 years ago
  inmarket c67966f60e Added partial definition for the STM32F469i-Discovery board 3 years ago
  inmarket eaa704c765 Added UC1601s driver 3 years ago
  inmarket 864210b764 Fixes to allow STM32F749-Discovery to work with ChibiOS 3 years ago
  inmarket 76ce1dd0e3 Update ChibiOS make scripts to support later versions of ChibiOS 3 years ago
  inmarket 23ceb054fc Fixed an issue on FreeRTOS where thread stacks were being created too large 3 years ago
  inmarket ee33f13f7e Another gwin concurrency fix 3 years ago
  inmarket d8526e672a Fix some prototypes for win32.raw32 emulation environments 3 years ago
  inmarket 252b3b918a Prevent GWIN drawing while deleting a window from the list 3 years ago
  inmarket d8c9ca184f Fix font baseline_x problem, decrease word-wrap stack usage, add text justification options 4 years ago
  inmarket 9500ed2bcc Fix a bug that can cause large fonts to not be read correctly. 4 years ago
  inmarket 7826664969 Make the uGFXMain() prototype always available 4 years ago
  inmarket 3a0e49dabc Change the prototype for uGFXMain() 4 years ago
  inmarket f934fc4a49 Fix introduces bug in gdisp UC8173 driver 4 years ago
  inmarket c91715491d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 4 years ago
  inmarket 5d8705b6e0 FEATURE: Significantly improved the FreeRTOS port 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 3faf693214 Minor clean-up to UC8173 driver 4 years ago
  inmarket 5497e2ed1f Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 4 years ago
  inmarket 8b4ca12a2d Updates to the FreeRTOS GOS port 4 years ago
  inmarket 29ccac5efc Update to the UC8173 driver to fix memory overwrite 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 7cc28e8f0d Improving UC8173 driver 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 6956df1652 Fixing an issue with word wrapping of strings containing dashes. 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 35a4e07d66 Minor internal improvement (clean-up) to AlteraFramereader driver 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann aa474ef037 Updating drivers list 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 170869dea9 Added complete support for Altera Terasic MAX10 NEEK board 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann d3e9955496 Adding Altera Frame Reader IP Core display driver 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 8411fd1f03 Updating drivers list 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 50c89877c3 Adding UC8173 driver 4 years ago
  inmarket f57f6be212 Added Fb24bpp driver for RGB888 and BGR888 packed framebuffer displays 4 years ago
  inmarket 5502aef3e5 Increase non-UTF8 font support to 0 to 255 rather than just the true ascii set 4 years ago
  inmarket b90055d2f9 Fixed extra dots when drawing anti-aliased fonts with wordwrap 4 years ago
  inmarket 9360b27250 Update font demo to show Anti-aliased drawing 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann b8ece23f18 Unifying changelog 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann 12a0f2dd64 Adding GDISP_IMAGE_GIF_BLIT_BUFFER_SIZE configuration option 4 years ago
  Joel Bodenmann d3fb6b2cb9 Adding GDISP_IMAGE_PNG_Z_BUFFER_SIZE configuration option 4 years ago